Viscera-3: SANE Post-Biotic Poop Supplement – Does It Work?

Product Name: Viscera-3

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Are you displeased by how slow your metabolism has become? Find it hard to tend to daily activities due to the lack of bowel movement and energy levels?

For the longest time, society has instilled the idea of taking pre- and probiotics or fiber-rich supplements. It turns out that the latter solutions are ineffective, especially for those who have a leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a condition where the lining of the small intestine is in an impaired state. As a result, toxins and bacteria end up leaking through the intestines and manage to find their way into the bloodstream, causing widespread inflammation, poor immunity and cognitive function, food sensitivities, exhaustion, and so on.

Fortunately, these issues can finally be resolved by Viscera-3, claims SANE Laboratories.

But does Viscera-3 really work? What’s in Sane MD Viscera-3 ingredients? Is there any scientific evidence supporting the post biotic immunity pills formula? How do I avoid getting scammed? We already addressed some of that, but we go into much greater detail below.

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What is Viscera-3?

The supplement is marketed as a “10-second breakfast secret” that helps anyone “poop out belly fat”. By supporting healthier poops, Viscera-3 can purportedly help you lose weight and enjoy other benefits.

In a dramatic video, we see SANE’s Jonathan Bailor sitting on a toilet explaining the importance of gut health. Bailor describes Viscera-3 as a “slim gut switch” that can help you “poop out 17 pounds of fat” while supporting your gut more effectively than fiber and probiotics.

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Gut health is trendy. We’ve seen a surge in gut health supplement sales. Research shows gut health plays a crucial role in immunity, weight loss, digestion, and overall health and wellness. By supporting good gut health, you can support your body.

That all sounds good – but does Viscera-3 really work? Let’s take a closer look.

How is Viscera-3 designed to work?

Viscera-3 aims to deliver a post-biotic nutrient deemed superior for a healthy gut. In fact, this is something that neither probiotics nor fiber supplements can provide.

Before revealing what the post-biotic nutrient is, it is important to understand a deficiency in this respective nutrient means for our bodies. According to existing research, three harmful symptoms can naturally occur.

First, one’s ability to lose visceral fat will have minimized. This is because the lower colon lacks the essential nutrient that helps colon cells to function at peak levels.

Second, it will become virtually impossible to heal a leaky gut. Again, this has a lot to do because the lower colon is deprived of what it needs.

Finally, when the first two issues aren’t resolved, individuals are likely to experience consistency and frequency in diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating. So, what is this so-called “post-biotic” nutrient? It is none other than tributyrate.

Tributyrate is a result of combining three butyrate molecules with a glycerol molecule. This is by far the most effective version of short-chain fatty acids to ever exist.

What role do short-chain fatty acids play here?

Based on the claims made, they are viewed as “miracle workers” that strengthen the gut lining, improve digestion, and promote weight loss. Moreover, these issues ensure issues surrounding leaky gut and poor bowel movement are put to an end.

Therefore, each Viscera-3 serving works to offer an adequate tributyrate source, which tends to colon cells and small intestine functioning.

Moreover, extra ingredients have been included for the sole purpose of fighting leaky gut and detoxifying the colon. Consequently, one’s intestinal walls and gut microbiota might be amplified along with weight-related results.

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What Does Viscera-3 Supplement Do?

This dietary supplement doesnt just serve a single purpose in fact, the natural ingredients added help your health in many ways. Lets take a quick tour of what the Viscera-3 pills do for your health below: (individual results may vary)

1. Balances your gut health

The product balances the bacteria in your gut so that your guts environment is not unpleasant. You see, poor gut health can take a toll on many aspects of your health including your digestive health, mental health, immune health, and more. Therefore, the nutrients included in the formula can boost your immune system as well by improving your gut health.

2. Solves the problem of a leaky gut

Viscera-3 supplement also improves your guts condition such that you dont have to fight different gut-related concerns. It makes sure that you dont have to worry about a leaky gut as that can enable toxins and other harmful particles to pass from the intestines into the bloodstream. This is important as a leaky gut increases the risks of diseases.

3. Improves your toilet experiences

Another perk provided by Viscera 3 supplement is that it solves all your poop related concerns. You dont have to worry about constipation kicking in. You also dont have to worry about stinky farts, gas and bloating which can destroy a good day and keep you from feeling your best.

4. Helps reduce belly fat

Once tons of unnecessary waste are removed from your body regularly and healthily, you have no reason to worry about belly fat. Fat stored in the belly doesnt only ruin your appearance, but it can also be supremely dangerous which is why it is crucial to reduce it.

5. Boosts mental health

Lastly, taking Viscera-3 pills on a regular basis also shows a positive difference in your brains working. This is because your gut and your brain are connected. When your gut health improves, so does your cognitive working. This way, you are protected from countless risks associated with slowed mental working that happens with aging.

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Viscera-3 Ingredients

Clearly, SANE believes in the power of its formula. To achieve these benefits, Viscera-3 contains five active ingredients as shown in the picture below.

The main ingredient of this supplement is TRIButyrate which is a patented agent known for its positive effects on the gut. It has been researched in-depth before inclusion and it also is reliable. The component goes directly to your colon for delivering benefits.

Other than this, other minerals and nutrients have been added too. One of these is magnesium that strengthens your immune system and enables muscle contractions. It also supports about 300 chemical reactions in the body.

Other than this, multi-factor chromium has been added too. This ingredient in Viscera-3 pills helps reduce cravings for fatty foods and cuts down your carb intake as well. Furthermore, it reduces fat in the belly and decreases your overall body weight.

Pomegranate fruit extract has been included in the formula also. It decelerates the process of aging of the gut as well as facilitates the process of cell recycling.

Last but not the least, grape seed extract is a part of the formula which is power-packed with antioxidants that support various aspects of your health. Grape Seed extract also reduces inflammation and promotes healing. See the complete list of ingredients here!

How To Use Viscera-3?

Viscera-3 supplement can be included in your routine without posing any troubles. You dont have to prepare a recipe or follow any detailed steps. The supplement is available in the form of capsules which enables you to stay consistent in its use. You just have to take the pills as youve been recommended on the label of the product.

Accordingly, you have to take three capsules daily. All three can be taken at once, first thing in the morning. One bottle of this supplement comes with 45 capsules which are enough to last for 15 days. This means you will need two bottles of this supplement for one month.

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Viscera-3 Pricing

Viscera-3 is priced at $33 to $47 per bottle, depending on how many you order:

1 Bottle: $47 + $7.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $127 + $7.95 Shipping

6 Bottles: $197 + Free Shipping

Viscera-3 Refund Policy

Viscera-3 comes with a 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within one year of your purchase.

Final Thoughts: Should I Buy Viscera-3?

Viscera-3 is a dietary supplement that has been formulated to rid one of a leaky gut. In so doing, not only will one’s intestines function at peak levels, but so will one’s cognitive, digestive, gut, and immune systems, among others.

By supplying the body with one particular gut nutrient, individuals are expected to experience a positive chain reaction that can go as far as prolonging or gradually reversing the effects of aging.

To think that much of human action can be limited due to poor digestive health is enormous, and taking Viscera-3 as a possible solution can bring one’s mind at peace. The latter mainly holds because of the extent to which SANE Laboratories favors clinical trials and third-party lab testing for safety, potency, and effectiveness, respectively.

Who can forget that the ingredients used in the formula have been studied multiple times in the past, which is reassuring!

That being the case and the money-back guarantee and the discounted rates, it is sufficient to conclude that the value for price appears to be acceptable.


A BIG WARNING regarding purchasing Viscera-3…
People have created websites that look identical to Viscera-3‘s official one!
Viscera-3 is ONLY available through its official website!

Not even from Amazon! Please avoid being scammed!

So, Is Viscera-3 a scam?

YESSS, but only if you buy from a site other than the official website.

Simply to avoid these scam versions, you just need to do ONE THING!
Buy the supplement ONLY from the official website.